Good evening,

We all have things that we struggle with on the daily basis. The most popular one which, I have to admit I struggle with as well, is practicing patience. The majority of the people in this country and world wants things when they want it. I have that same problem. But, something we all to remember is that good things come to those who wait. The most successful and influential people in the country has a story. Sometimes, you have to truly hit rock bottom so when you do reach the top, you will appreciate it more. However, success is not always defined by money or materialistic things. Sometimes, success is measured by the things money cannot buy. Are you happy? Do you have a relationship with god? Are you physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy? These things can also be measured by success. If you do not feel that you are successful in all of the areas, this is where practicing patience comes into play. God has a plan for you. He may not show today, tomorrow, or even three years from now. Until then, keep practicing and progressing. You will be amazed at how far it can take you. Have a blessed evening.