Good Evening,

 I was on a social media network earlier, and one of my co-workers put up a status that said, ” I wonder how many people are alive but are living”. It made me think weather i’m living or existing myself. Am I doing what makes me happy? Now, its time to ask yourself that question. Are you living or existing? Are you doing what makes you happy? If the answer is no, then change it to yes. I’m not necessarily speaking on your job or career, but more about life in general. Do things that make you happy. Even the small things. Tired of being single? Go on a date and see what could possibly build off of that date. Tired of being bored in the house all the time? Open your mind to new things. Try new things. Go on a hike, or go to a new restaurant in your local town or city. Don’t sit back and wait for things to happen. Make them happen because, the last thing you want to do is look up and say, where has my life gone? Now is the time to make yourself happy and live not exist. You might not have later. Have a blessed evening.