Good Evening,

 Today I would like to cover the topic of greed. The definition of greed is intense and selfish desire for something such as wealth, fame, fortune etc. People including myself often hold wealth and material things to a higher value then they should be. But, what I and many other people must keep in mind is, wealth and material things come and go. God does not judge you by your fame and fortune when it is your time to go to glory. When you do go to glory you cannot take all of your things with you. Family, friends, your character, those are things that should be held to the highest value. And to be honest, material things do nothing but make you want more material things which, is where greed comes in. If you are financially stable enough to take care of you and your family, maybe you should stop worrying about wanting more and start focusing on giving more. When you bless others you will then begin to be blessed. Give to your local charity, or donate to a local charity. Realize whats really important in life and stop worrying about whats not. Have a blessed evening.