Good Evening,

Do you ever look in the mirror and look at yourself? And I don’t mean physically. Look at who you are as a person. What’s your character, are you kind, are you helpful, are you selfless? If you feel satisfied with who you are as a person then that is truly a blessing because not to many people feel that way. But, if you aren’t, maybe its time for a little self reflecting and self adjusting. Now, I am not saying to change who you are as person. However, I am saying that everyone and I do mean everyone could always use a little tune up in the character department. Ask yourself a few questions. Are you kind? Do you treat others the way you would like to be treated? Are you respectful? There are obviously various questions that could only be answered by you, but my point is this. Life it to short to not be happy with who you are as a person. If you feel like you just have so many flaws that people love to point out to you do three things for me. First, Ignore them. Most people like to criticize others because deep down they are not happy with themselves. Secondly, choose for yourself, to self reflect and self adjust not others opinion. Third, once you choose to or not to continue to love yourself for who you are. Realize that you are a blessing from god and you are worthy. Have a blessed evening.