Good Afternoon,

This was a story I heard recently so I thought I would share it. There was a man who went to a very successful guru. He told the guru he wanted to be as successful as him. The guru then told him, if he wanted to be as successful as him then meet at the beach 4am the following day. Just like any other person, the man thought to himself, how am I going to make money by going to the beach? Skeptical, he met the guru at the designated time. The man came in a suit ready to make money. The guru told him to go out to the water. They went until they were waist deep. He told him to go further. They went to there neck. The guru then put his face in the water until he almost passed out. When they went back to shore, the guru asked the man what was he thinking when his face was in the water. The man said how badly he wanted to breath. The guru then said something that I will now live by. He said, when you want to be as successful as badly as you want to breath then it will happen for you. Isn’t that an incredible mentality to live by? I feel that we should all aspire to live like this guru which is why I decided to share this with you. Always be willing to take wisdom and use it in your everyday life. You’ll be amazed at how far it will take you. Have a blessed day.