Good Evening,

We,ve all had someone or something tragic happen in life that has caused us a great deal of pain. And while most of us would like to admit that we have let it go and moved on, we really haven’t. Sometimes, because of things that may happened in the past, we unknowingly allow it to effect us in the present. You may think you have moved on and you haven’t. Perfect example. If you’ve had a bad break up or if you’ve gotten into a heated argument with someone that has caused you to no longer to speak to them, here the way to find out if you have truly let it go. If you can speak about that person or event that happened and not get upset or use harsh words then you have truly moved on. If you can speak about hurtful things that happened in the past and not get upset then you have truly moved on and let it go. If every time you think about it, speak about or even hear about it , you get upset then you have not let it go. As many of you know it is very important to let things go and move on. Tragedy and pain are always going to come in life, but its up to us how we deal with it. One of the important things to do is pray. Pray that god heals your heart and allows to you to move on. the next thing would be to take it one day at a time. Healing doesn’t happen overnight so don’t expect it to. If you do those two simple things, then healing will be easier than you think. Have a blessed evening.