Good Evening,

Tonight I want to share with you some of my favorite stress relievers that I use whenever life seems to be  getting the best of me. The first one would have to be music. Now, I know the average adult listens to music all the time right? But, when you really think about it, music can have some a major affect on your mood. Music can get you pumped during a workout, inspire you to think outside the box, and most importantly, music can feed your soul the required necessities to get you back on track after a day day. Music can be a great stress reliever if you find the right song/songs. The second thing would have to be exercise. I know it is very cliche’ but, it does help significantly. When I go on a streak of not exercising the stress of work and life tend to take a toll on me more then when I exercise two to three times a week. Keeping a healthy exercise routine will keep your stress levels down significantly, and you will naturally feel better. The third and final thing is tea. Chamomile tea with honey is my go to beverage after a long day at work. It naturally reduces stress and it is also very good for you. Now, these are mine, but if you don’t have any I encourage you to get some. Stress ages you prematurely, causes health problems, and can causes mental problems as well. Find a way to relieve stress and stick to it.

Peace and Blessings,