Black lives matter. What does that mean? Now, to some it means that we as African Americans are implying that our lives are more important than any other race which is simply not true. I cannot speak for the whole race, I can only speak for myself and a few close friends. Blacks lives matter simply means that our lives matter just as much as anyone else’s. And, when I see my fellow brothers and sisters get murdered on the weekly basis, it is a movement that is needed in our country where we are mistreated and misunderstood. A year ago when Michael brown was murdered, it sparked havoc all over this country. From peaceful protest to rioters looting the local communities, several cities received a lot of damage. I am not nor will I ever condone anyone negative behavior. There is a way to go about things and rioting your local communities store is not the right way. I do not condone there behavior but , I do understand it. Most African Americans grew up in a system that was not designed for them to succeed. Go to jail one time as a black man and your life is over. The possibility of getting a job is slim to none and having a successful career is almost impossible. When you grow up in a system designed like ours and you see your fellow brothers and sisters murdered, it angers you. It angers you even more when the same people who murdered them walk away, not suffering any consequences of there actions. The same actions that will get you thrown away and disposing of the key, gets someone else “fired”. When you are faced with so many trials how do you think you would react? Would you shoot up someone’s store or would you hold up poster signs? Everyone’s answer varies. Everyone is their own person I just simply wanted to give some insight on another perspective. What happened a year ago happened yesterday and I cannot say I am surprised. Over the past year the same thing has happened to my brothers and sisters. Freddie Gray, Sandra Bland, and Christian Taylor are just a few examples of how unsafe we feel. This unfortunate angry behavior is not going to stop until people are held accountable for their actions. Black people are not going to stop being mad until we stop getting killed. When and if that happens, the streets might be safe again. I pray for everyone’s safety and while all lives matter, black lives matters as well.

Peace and Blessings,