When I think about the dynamic of this country and the way the family structure was thirty years ago, it has changed drastically, some for the good and some for the bad. It is settling that a female that is in a abusive relationship can now go get help from her local police station versus thirty years ago, there were not a large amount of opportunities for those women to receive the help they needed. The game hide and go seek and hopscotch were the neighborhood favorite games while now, Facebook and Instagram are the go to favorites. Marriage no longer holds the same value. No one wants to get married out of fear of commitment or being let down. No one can sit at a dinner table whether at home or at a restaurant and hold a conversation without it being on their phone. Young adults cannot attend a party or experience anything without it ending up on Snapchat or Instagram.  As I sit here and reflect on how times have changed in such a short time I ask myself How will things be in the next thirty years? Will the divorce rate triple by that time? Will technology ruin the social nature of people even further? The future is always uncertain but I predict that all the answers to my questions will be yes. Until then I guess Facebook and Instagram will continue to fry our brains.

Peace and Blessings