Good morning, 

 Happy Saturday! I hope all if you are enjoying your weekend. I have written about this particular subject, but this is a very important topic. Life goes through up and downs. When your up you are way up and when you are down you are down further than you can imagine. God does this for a reason. You see life can never be to easy because when it does you become complacent with where you are and your not progressing spiritually mentally, financially, emotionally, and physically. Constantly challenging yourself is the way to progression in any aspect. So, when you feel yourself getting into a normal routine an getting a little to comfortable, self reflect re evaluate and see if your on track. My mother always speaks on self reflection and while I and many others do not like to do it, it’s is very needed in your life. Self reflection is also a way to progression. It a way to determine if you are happy with yourself and if not a way to make the necessary changes to become happy with who you are. So, I encourage you to always self reflect and re evaluate who are you and where you are every few months. For some it could be once a month and for some it could be once a year it depends on you. But always be working towards progression and with God on your Side you can accomplish anything. 

Peace and Blessings,