Good Afternoon, 

We are vastly approaching the time to return to school weather it be college or high school etc. I want to give some reminders of what to expect and some things to prepare you for the upcoming school year. The first thing that I want to remind you of ensure that you have all of the required materials and you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg (country saying) on all if it. Walmart usually has pretty good deals that will help you save money and get everything you need. The second thing I want to mention is if you child is in preschool or elementary school, be prepared for half of their supplies to be misplaced along with their wardrobe. Once a week they will come home from school missing one thing after another. So the money that you saved on their school supplies will be spent to replace the same ones that you already bought. The last and final thing that I want to mention is to remember to practice patience. The school year tends to bring on a lot of stress for parents and practicing patience is a safe way to make it through the school year. Well, that’s all I have for today so enjoy your Sunday and stay blessed! 

Peace and Blesaings,