Good Morning On the East and West Coast, 

This morning I would like to take the time to celebrate some of the many inventions that black people have invented that many are unaware of. I want you to look at your cell phone and think did a white person invent this or a black person? Well you guessed it! On July 6th, 1971 Henry Sampson invented the cellular phone. Now, in Washington state they do not believe in air conditioning, but everywhere else they do and you have a black man to thank for as well. On July 12th, 1949 the air conditioning unit was invented by Frederick Jones. The last thing I want to share is very essential to road safety. On July 1923, Garrett Morgan invented the traffic light. I cannot speak for everyone but I can speak for myself by saying that I was very unaware of the many things that black people contributed to this country. Why do you think I was unaware? Because I was never taught. So, I encourage you to educate yourself. Educate on the many things that black people have contributed to this country and be proud of it. Even in today’s society the media does not portray a positive image of the African American race. So, always stay educated and remember, we are always doing positive things in life. 

Peace and Blessings,