Good Morning,

Today I want to share some fashion tips and some of the new trends that have been happening with the summer coming to an unfortunate end. Some things that I have noticed that is currently in is patterns. If you do choose to wear a pattern then you need to compliment it with a solid color. So, ladies if you have a black and white striped skirt then I suggest you compliment it with a solid white shirt. Men, I don’t really think patterned tops are for every man but if you do choose to then compliment it with a solid colored bottom. Not there is anything wrong with the colors black, white, and gray, but I myself try to keep it out of my wardrobe. Colors help bring out people of color (such as myself) and personally it adds to my personality. They are such bland colors that it is sometimes difficult to accessorize them and turn them into your own. The upside to black is that is does go with everything so for men suggest having at least one pair of black slacks in your wardrobe. With that being said. Men, a nice tailored suit is one of the few ways to a woman’s heart! Having a nice tailored suits let women know that you actually care how you look. You care how others see you and that is  major turn on. For my women, have a variety of things in your closet. Our mood changed by the day and most of the time we have no clue what we actually want to wear. Having only a certain type of clothing does not help your cause either. Change it up sometimes. Have a pair of pumps and sneakers in your closet. Have a leather and jean jacket in your closet. Form your own personal style ad stick to it. Accessorizing; ladies and gentlemen I cannot express how important accessorizing is. For my ladies scarf, hats, belts, and jewelry is our best friend. For my gentlemen, scarfs, watches and ties is your best friend. Its adds to your outfit and really sets it off. As the season moves along I will share some more tips with you so stay tuned!

Peace and Blessings,