Good Evening, 

Everyone has something that they are particularly good at. Whether it is singing or dancing or some other talent, everyone can do something. So, tonight I encourage everyone to find there creative nitch and explore it. Having a creative mind is how multi million dollar corporations are started along with a passion for it. Being creative is also a great way to relieve stress. By exploring your creative talents even if it is just a mere hobby, can take your mind off of the stress that you may have at work, home, school, and just life In general. Exploring your talents can also take your income to heights you never imagined. If you are amazing at something for example drawing, you can get paid a large amount of money to draw for people and do something that you love at the same time. And while this post is not about money because money isn’t everything, it more about seeing where your passion can take you. If you draw show it to some of your peers and get there feed back. If you are athletic and play a sport then join your local team and train harder and push yourself. If you cook exceptionally well then look up some more difficult recipes and make them. Learn more about the art of food. Don’t be afraid to explore and see where it takes you. 

Peace and Blessings,