Good Morning, 

It was brought to my attention that the ex subway spokesman Jared Fogle did not deserve the same scrutiny as legend Bill Cosby because he admitted to his crime and he is getting charged and he took a plea deal. Well, let me first say that I am not condoning anyone’s behavior in this post. I am merely voicing an opinion on why they both deserve the same amount of media scrutiny which I personally know Fogle will not receive. Initially I want to point out the wrongdoings of each individual. Bill Cosby is being accused of drugging and having sex with multiple women. Jared Fogle is guilty of having consensual sex with minors aka children. Bill Cosby is a man who has accomplished great things and while what he did was wrong, he is not having sex with children. He received so much media scrutiny that his legendary career is now tarnished forever. While Jared  Fogle accomplished a great thing losing a tremendous amount of weight by eating subway, he committed a haneous crime and it barely becomes a story. No one sees anything wrong with this picture? You mean to tell me having sex with the innocent is less of a crime then having sex with grown adults? No it is not. They are both crimes and Jared Fogle should be under the moral spotlight just like Bill Cosby. But, as I mentioned it will not happened. Why do you think that he won’t receive it? Well, I have a answer in mind but I will let you stew on the thought of that question. 

Peace and Blessings,