Good Evening,

We have encountered yet another disturbing tragedy. News anchors Alison Parker and Adam Ward were killed in broad daylight and the whole scene was filmed. It seems as if everyday a new tragedy has arisen. But, what really worries me is that these tragedies are no longer among natural disasters such as hurricanes and tsunami’s. They are increasingly becoming among us as a human race. Whether it is black on white, black on black, or green on purple, we are killing each other.  The shooters name is Bryan Williams and after he shot the two journalist, he shot himself. He was a lost soul who felt the need to take the lives of others and take his as well. Where are we safe? We are no longer safe in the house of the almighty, we are not safe in our place of employment and sad to say, we are not even safe in our homes. From the bottom of my heart, pray stay safe and keep those families in your prayers.

Peace and Blessings,