Good Evening,

Often times in life we get so busy with work, school, and children, we hardly take the time to be appreciative of the things that we have. From the large items such as a home and vehicle to the simple things such as the opportunity to watch a television show or read a book  are often taken for granted. Always be appreciative of the things you have because you never know when its your time to go to glory, and just like you earned all those material items, they can also be taken away. Value things that money cannot buy such as love, peace, and happiness. Money cannot bring those things to you. Material things can only bring temporary happiness, but only god and yourself can ultimately bring those things to you. And always remember, while your here complaining about the things that you don’t have, their are millions of people that don’t have as much as you. While you complain about the one room studio apartment that you reside in, someone out there is sleeping in a box. While you complain about whats for dinner, there is someone out there whose stomach is bloated from hunger. Be thankful and count your blessings.

Peace and Blessings,