Good Morning, 

Growing up I was under the impression that I will get treated the same as someone of a different ethnicity because it is the right thing. Well, the adult world has taught me a thing or two. I came to the realization that I will simply have to work harder in life to receive the things that I want than others. Not only is it my opinion but it is also a fact. While taking an economics class, I learned that a white male is among the highest on the food chain and a black woman is at the very bottom below Latinas. While it is very disheartening it is indeed a fact and something that every black women has to learn and deal with. From our names being called ghetto, to our hair getting called nappy, being called angry, and the horrendous term “ratchet”, it is an everyday thing. So, I want to clarify some things about the stigmas about black women. We are not angry. I repeat, we are not angry. We are simply strong willed individuals who know who we are. We are raised to be strong willed individuals who do not fold under pressure so quickly. Our names are not ghetto. Our names are simply distinct and allow us to stand out from the crowd. Our hair is beautiful. It is thick and course and strong, much like our personality. We are queens and we are unlike any other. And while we do have to work twice as hard to achieve our dreams, it makes us stronger. We have a greater appreciation for life and the things that we have. So, in short black women are strong,  beautiful, and queens. Not all the stigmas that are placed on us. 

Peace and Blessings,