Good Evening,

While I was at work today I had a conversation with one of my fellow co workers about white privilege. He is Caucasian and of course he doesn’t believe it. And while I tried to explain it to him something hit me. While some can be educated on the subject at hand, most can’t. They can’t grasp the simple fact that an African Americans will not get treated the same as a Caucasian in several things. A Caucasian person will not be followed around a store and be racially profiled. A Caucasian person will not be concerned about their co workers saying something inappropriate regarding their race and way of life. Caucasian people do not have to worry about being promoted to the next available position in their career. These are just a small portion of the things that we as African Americans deal with everyday. It was disheartening to not be able to get my point across to them. But something that I realized is that I may not be able educate him, but I can educate someone else. Everyone may not understand but someone will. So, when trying to educate someone do get discouraged. Stay persistent and eventually you will get through to someone. 

Peace and Blessings,